What We Do

How often do you use your car? Every day? Us, too. We know how important your vehicle is to you, and we know how costly it can get. That is why we offer a comprehensive choice of coverages and terms to meet your ownership needs. We offer protection that saves you money over the long-term.

Safety. Reliability. Transparency.

Smart AutoCare has coverages beyond comparison. Our dedicated team is fast-paced and nimble in new product creation, and upholds a respected reputation of transparency amongst our clientele. When you ask our customers and agents what differentiates Smart AutoCare from other administrators, one of the most common responses is the experience delivered by our Smart AutoCare claims service.
Unique to our industry, we seek to find solutions to problems and common ground to pay claims, not technicalities to decline them. We view our dealers and repair facilities as partners in the process with the common goal of creating lasting relationships and getting our contract holders back on the road as quickly as possible.
We provide customized training for our team, and we utilize a proprietary claims system to enhance speed and performance every step of the way. We strive to always provide fast, accurate, and reliable service. You can trust that our team has the expertise and specialized knowledge to handle even the most complex claims.



Phil B.

“Smart AutoCare provides agents a choice that fits all dealers needs.”

Tony V.

I love Smart AutoCare’s website. It’s fast and simple, and I always seem to impress F&I people who see it for the first time When I do the demo, it’s just eye opening when they see the cost and unlimited miles.” 

Pete G.

Smart AutoCare should be the first option for dealers who want the best pricing, exclusionary coverage for longer terms, and excellent claims service. I used to think this was too good to be true, but they have proven otherwise! 

Justin S.

Smart AutoCare is the best service contract program on the market. The structure of the Advantage Care product, the coverage, and the terms are innovative. The claims process is simple, and they work really hard to give their consumers an experience that keeps them coming back to the selling dealer for repairs and future car buying needs.” 

Nick V.

Smart AutoCare is accepted in dealerships across the country and this makes it an easy product to sell to our dealership network.  Dealers want a reliable product with easy claims processing,and that’s Smart AutoCare!! 

Gary B.

“Smart AutoCare is just that. Affordable rates and outstanding coverages.” 

Ben G.

“Smart AutoCare allows dealers to quickly login and rate cars at a rapid pace, which in turn makes it easier to quote the client. The ease-of-use allows the back office to quickly create invoices as well. 

Why Choose Smart AutoCare?

Dedicated Account Management

Our Agent and Dealer support department is available 6 days a week and encourages participation in our regular training sessions to ensure you are as confident in our products as we are.

A History of Excellence

We’ve been in the service contract business since 1990. Our tenure has allowed us to provide superior products and service for your customers.

Industry-Leading Coverage

We offer multiple professionally curated contract options to provide the right protection for you on any new, extended, used, certified, or wrap coverage.

A Culture of Innovation

By tailoring our expertise to fit the ever-changing business needs of our clients, we are continuously evolving to exceed our customers expectations today and tomorrow.

Easy to Use

Our eRating and eContracting services make it simple for a Dealer to get fast and accurate rates on all products. 

In-House Claims

Our state of the art proprietary administrative system allows us to adjudicate over 7000 claims and pay out an average of $5.5 million in claims monthly.

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A-Rated Insurance Backing

All contracts are backed by a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) issued by an “A” rated carrier.

Partner Interface

Our system supports eRating & eContracting with any and all 3rd party vendors, such as menu companies and consolidators.

Same-Day Claims Payment

We provide fast, accurate, and reliable service. Claims are typically paid within two hours by credit card.

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